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DJM-5000 owners,


I'm looking at picking up a 4 channel mixer to hook up my CDJ's as well as routing my DDJ-T1 through, but trying to keep to a relatively strict budget.  I would like to at most spend around 900 bucks, and this mixer paired with a mini KP seems like a pretty good combo (and can be obtained in my budget with a refurb option from Pioneer).  Obviously there are some drawbacks I guess... No 64bit kernel support for the audio drivers.  I guess it's not that big of a deal to boot into 32bit mode whenever I would like to utilize the soundcard, and it's not as though I would be trying to use it for Traktor, as I have a T1.  So not a HUGE deal. In fact I can't think of that many reasons why I would use the interface.  And the lack of effects would be supplemented with sending/returning with the Kaoss pad.  I have read around that this is one of the most 'quiet' and top notch sounding mixers there are.  Do those of you who have a 5000 really enjoy it?  Would you steer someone away from it or in another direction?  I have checked out other traditional 4 channel 'DJ' mixers, most of which seem to be just out of my budget (DJM-700) or way below which would cause some concern from build quality, either perceived or reality. 


Any input would be helpful, the price is very tempting, but I don't want to set myself back on the wrong piece of kit for my specific goal.




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This mixer is fantastic.  Only concern is using it with virtual dj in USB mode.  I no longer can split my head phones for cuing music and also hearing the master channel?

Can anyone offer help with that?

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