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Summary: Errors with DJM 900 Soundcard and Mac´s

Hi together! Sorry, but my english is not the best.

Here is a Summary wich errors or bugs you have still in your Mac-drivers for 900 nexus:

(Because there are more bugs than the people recognized)

1.) Fuzz on recording (we know)

2.) Routing Error #1: (REC OUT ERROR)

     Example: Pioneer Settings: CH1&4 TIme Code Vinyl   CH2&3 REC OUT

                     Traktor Settings: Deck 1&2 routed to CH2&3 on mixer

     Look now on the Input Routing of Traktor and Watch the Vu-Meters: REC OUT 2 will have the signal of CH 2, also if the faders are down.

     REC OUT 3 will have the signal of CH 3, also if the faders are down. If the faders are up, it mixes the pre and the post signal

3.)Routing Error #2: (VINYL CALIBRATION ERROR)

   If you use Time Code Vinyls, you must Use CH 1 & 4 . (Cause 2&3 is for CDJ´s) If you route the signal at the same channels out ,

   the mixer will send the time code signal of the vinyl AND the music signal together to your computer. You can watch in the Traktor Input Routing VU-Meters.

   So Traktor cannot calibrate the vinyls because the Music is over the Time Code Signal.

   If the Vinyl is not calibrated, you cannot use the Absolut Mode and sometimes you cannot start the track from the begining.

4.) Clicks and Distortion in the 48 & 96kHz mode at various input channels on the computer.

Now i install on a second Partition 10.6.4 and all runs perfekt.

I bought this mixer to make mixes at home, so i can leave the soundcard (audio 10) at the club and so i dont need a second soundcard.

In my case, its easy because i have my track collection on an external harddisk and so i can switch at boot.

(Lion for the club and Audio10, Snow Leopard for Homemixes with 900 nexus)

But for the other users and costumers of this expensive mixer i think its not very funny.


So come on and do it , Native Instruments have correct drivers since the 3thrd day of the lion release.....

I dont wanna buy another mixer cause this 900nx is soooo hot :-)


Thanks and many Greets from Austria!


Markus Sonnleitner

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Pioneer is aware of the issues with recording using drivers for 10.6.8 and 10.7 and they will be addressed in updates to be released shortly.

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