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DJM-900 USB Recording Issues with ABleton- Color Effects DUb Echo and Space Feedback

I was getting this issue with my old XP laptop so I went to town and grabbed a new rig only to have same issues here are the new laptop specs:

2.5 GHZ INtel I7

6GB Ram

256 GB Soild state Drive

Win 7 Premium


All Drivers and Firmware are 100% up to date

My Ableton setup is the standard audio track with inputs from the mixer setup as 7/8 ( Rec out) and send to Master using Track arm to record.

Deck A in Ableton is out put 3/4 and Deck B in Ableton is 5/6 ( I have zero issues when playing live and not recording)

I read all the other forums and it seem that everybody is having some sort of recording issues with the DJM-900 Drivers.

Here are my issues: ONLY WHILE RECORDING!!!

I get Phasing issues when I have both Faders full on while mixing makes the sound - sound Metallic

I notice that  when my track on INput 5/6 is off there is a still signal being bled through from channel 3/4 and Vice Versa

The color effects Dub Echo and Space both give off a shrill like feedback sound and peaks the signal to the max on that channel.

The Beat Effects Echo sounds terriblepeak out more than normal

When I hit the Quantise button it changes the Master Tempo in Ableton to 134BPM everytime on both CHANNELS

I downloaded the Latency test from one of the other forums and it says everything is perfect.

Okay I just had an Idea and tried it out ( not while recording ) I changed the REC OUT to output 1/2 and I no longer had issues with the Color Effects ( DUB ECHO AND SPACE) I changed ti back to REC OUT on 7/8 and the issues where still there so obviously there is something wrong with the drivers.


any feedback would be great... the whole reason I purchased this was for the simple plug and play no having to mess with RCA and External SOundcards









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