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HELP! DJM 700, CDJ 400 and Saffire Pro 14 with Traktor Issues



I've just purchased the DJM 700. Im trying to run 2x CDJ 400s, DJM 700 and a Saffire Pro 14 with Traktor.


I've also unfortunately baught a M-Audio Uno midi to usb cable. Only the USB light comes on even when I've got the DJM in Midi Mode.


I've tried it on my Novation SL 49 MKII and it still doesnt seem to work. So i'll be getting a new cable.

With this in mind, my question is: How do I setup this to work with Traktor. I just want the decks to control the decks in traktor and the mixer to function as normal with the sound coming out on my monitors which are plugged into the Focusrite Saffire 14.

Please advise, including which cable would be best for the setup (e.g) midi out to usb (into the PC), or midi out to midi in (on the soundcard)




Scott Reynolds

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