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Sound card question DJM t1

I am thinking of buying a DJM t1 to use with my Traktor pro 2 and my Maschine. I have some questions about the build in sound card.

Can I route out Maschine from T1 output to another T1 input.... to use as an inport for a live-input in  one of my Traktor Decks?

Right now I do this using my audio 8. My Maschine sound goes out of output 1 and 2. The cable of output 1 and 2 goes to input 1 and 2.

The inputs 1 and 2 are connected with live decks in Traktor, so the sound of input 1 and 2 goes into live input of deck 1.

Now I can play with Traktor FX as master FX on the Maschine output. 

I can also use the loop recorder to capture the sound from my Maschine into my Traktor loop recorder.

I hope you understand what I want.... I hope you can answer my question.


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