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DJM-2000 Sidechain Help

So I thought I could gate the noise (using the noise Inst FX) coming from a channel on the mixer by side-chaining (using touch screen REMIX) the low freq of another channel's quarter note kicks.  I'm trying to get the noise pumping effect automated (instead of using the channel fader manually). This doesn't seem to work at all since I'm guessing Inst FX's effect is added last in the chain of events on a channel... meaning the Remix Effect comes before the noise is added. Does that make sense? And actually, I tried this on a channel with a regular audio feed and the sidechain gate didn't sound that great either. I think I'm spoiled by my DAWs side-chaining capabilities.

Oh, and I can't get a smooth effect on the noise using the GATE or TRANS from the main FX section either.

Shere Kaan

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