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DJM 500 hum/buzz on XLR & 1/4in but not booth or RCA out.

Cant figure this out. Ive been troubleshooting and have come to this, loud hum/buzz, ground noise from only the XLR and 1/4 inch outputs but not the booth, headphones or main RCA out. Does this with nothing plugged in and yes i have tried different cables. I didnt notice it at home but did a gig the other night and heard it using XLR. Came home and plugged it into 1/4 inch output with the same hum. After checking the booth and RCA out as well as the headphones with no hum at all. Any suggestions. Im tech savy so i would to be able to fix this issue myself unless pioneer wants to do it.

Jeff Plunk

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@Jeff > I'm guessing its probably one of two things 1) an electrical hum being caused by an ungrounded unit. Try by reversing the polarity of the plug - flip it out and plug it in the other way. 2) a minor hardware defect in which case I would advise, as your unit is quite old now, to bring it in for a service at an authorised service centre.

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