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[SOLVED] Swap my DJM 2000 for the impending DJM 900 with Serato Built In?

Ok so I have had my DJM 2000 for a little while and whilst I love it I don't utilise all the features and I am finding it a bit of a beast to lug about so thinking of swtiching to a DJM 900.

I know in about 4 weeks the first shipments of Pioneers latest version of the DJM Nexus 900 will ship which has Serato built in.

The built in Serato for me is a bonus but specifically by dropping down from a 2000 to a 900 what valuable features might I lose?

  • If it helps I don't really utilise the touch screen panel at all on the 2000 (I just don't have the time).

  • If your thinking well why did he buy the DJM2000 in the first place my answer is I had the money and I thought is the flagship model so why not have it. 



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In fact you wont be dropping down from the djm 2000 to the djm 900 both are equal top of the line mixers just get what suits your needs

IMO DJM 900 nexus (traktor) is all i need i dont use it with any software besides rekordbox and a couple of cdj 2000 and two cdj 350 as a backup take care

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@Colesy > In essence, you'll just be losing the whole centre part (remix / effects section etc) and the built in ethernet hub.

As Benjamin said, both are great mixers (yes, the DJM2000 is the flagship) but if Serato is an integral part of your setup nowadays then it might be a worthwhile, beneficial addition.

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