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Problem using DJM 900 Nexus on iMac (late 2013)

Hi guys,

when i'm using the DJM900's sound card the audio is corrupted... It seems a buffer size problem.

I tried also to change the buffer size from the DAW but nothing changed.

It's just happening on my iMac 27 (late 2013), not on my macbook Air (middle 2011). Both computer have installed OSX 10.9.1 with the latest driver.


This is the audio recorded from my DJM: 



Can someone help me to find the solution about this issue?

Thanks to everybody


Federico Ava

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Thanks for the answer...

I don't have a fusion drive iMac, it's equipped with 500gb SSD, Intel core i7 3,5 GHz, RAM16GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M

It's really strange because if both of my Macs are connected by a thunderbolt cable the sound card (on iMac) work properly.

I don't understand why!!!!

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