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DJM-700 no signal to right master channel

I have been trouble shooting this problem which I have come across. It seems that any audio signal that I send to my DJM-700 does not output through the right channel on the master. ONLY the left side of the master channel is working. ONLY the left LED lights up showing signal is present but there are no LED lights lighting up on the right channel for the master level. This is leading to only audio coming out from my left speakers and nothing coming from the right speakers. 

I have tried connecting speakers via both the master XLR outputs, master RCA outputs and RCA booth outputs and in ALL cases audio is only present on the left side. 

I purchased the DJM-700 on the 28/06/2011

My trouble shooting has led me to believe the problem lies within the DJM-700. 

My questions are.

What caused this fault? It was working before perfectly.

What steps should I take to fix this problem?

Harj Uppal Answered

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2020 and I just had this happen. I thought it was my stereo, and I spent 1100 on new monitors and sub. only to see them not work on the right side, have me return them, and then reset them up all up to realize its the mixer i just bought like 2 years ago.

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