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Ready to buy need some advise please

Ever since selling my cdj2000s and djm800 efx1000 a couple years ago and moving to midi controllers I have really missed the buzz I got from working with the pioneer kit. Ableton has been my choice and I've loved using however I'm wanting to get back into the CDjs.

So I'm going deff for the 2000s and also the RMX 1000 however I'm not to sure whether to get an 800 again or an 850. I really want the RMX as the sampler and the effects are Really getting me excited and for this reason I think it might be pointless getting a djm2000. What do you guys reckon?

Also i have been out of the CDj djm scene for a bit and wanted to know exactly what I should do in terms of the best firmware for the decks, any advise on USB sticks to avoid etc.

I would like to have my windows laptop connected to the CDjs directly to record box.

All my music is iTunes and on my mac, is there a guide for me to transfer it from my mac onto an external hard drive and then into the laptop and record box. Is there a certain type of external hard drive I should get if connecting to directly to the CDjs or via a laptop.

Ferhan khan

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Just import your itunes list to rekordbox.

If you plan on bringing your laptop bring a DJM2000/network switch and connect with a network cable.

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@Ferhan > You just need to transfer the music from your Mac to your external harddrive to your Windows computer (or, if you can network them, avoid the external harddrive altogether).

You can find the most recent version of rekordbox available for download here as well as the firmwares. We also have a thread about which USBs we recommend.

I would go for 2x CDJ2000s + 1x DJM850/900/2000 + 1x RMX1000 + 1x network switch (if you don't pick the DJM2000).

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