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Help I am in the mid west and know one uses pioneer gear

How do i change this coming from vegas for the last 7 years and playing on pioneer cdjs and mixers since 96 and losing serato for the almighty rekordbox. and see these jocks here play and just stair at there laptops and think its about them on american dj gear and think there just killing it hahahaha. or using virtual dj. but all is good they have skills but dam what happen to quality and truly being a jock and mixing without matching waveforms and letting your ears do the work not your eyes. But all said here in tulsa What do i do i love pioneer and all there wonderful support "Maury ____ " Your the man for pioneer and you have been my man since Marquee Las vegas And WET Republic. But Family Calls me to the midwest and i love what i do. But how do you change this area to quality not the cheese that i have just seen the last few nights scouring this town for some good jocks that can play, cause i am gonna be here for awhile cause family comes first but love of music and djing comes next from the sound guy side to the guy on the decks destroying the dance floor and pushing them to the bar to make your venue money. Sp thank you pioneer your the best hands down now how do i get you here please help cause you have spoiled us with your quality and not everyone gets that 

brandon Scales

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Thanks for the kind words. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Maury but he's a really nice guy.

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