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Someone please help me make sense of everything

Hello Friends....I am 52, had a brain injury a two years ago, and need to start using my brain power again.  I want to get into electronic/trance/hardcore techno music.   I have been playing guitar for 35 years and don't know where to start.  I would love to be able to do an open mic at a DJ club in a year or so but don't know where to start.  Do I go with the new pioneer sx workstation?   If so, where do the tracks come from that I want to mix?   Do I purchase tracks & loops, or do I make my own?  If I make my own, what software does pioneer DJs use.  I was at the Native Instruments website and saw Mashine Studio as well as their new S8 Kontrol for Djing.  I also was told Albeton and Push is the way to start.   I want to have fun first, and pay my dues a few months later just to get me drawn in from the beginning and not get turned off because the manuals are too complicated.  I am more of a fan of the heavy underground MDNA music that I was part of in the late 1980s.   I just never fell in love with the hip hop sound even though I respect it very much.  So my last question, do I need those two scatch" pads that come with the new pioneer hardware if not making hip hop?  Are they useful in techno?   Thanks everyone

robert der

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Anybody want to chime in?   Much appreciated because I want to purchase my first piece of gear tomorrow and have no idea where to start.  Do I first go with Ableton and Push, or Machine Studio. Or do I go with the new pioneer DDJ SX2 to learn the art of Djing at home.  My problem is I do not know if I shouldf even consider the NI new S8 controller and stick to pioneer.   I want to get started ASAP and need a little guidance,  Thanks everyone, 

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Hello. Good you have power again! I highly admire it;)


Going to the hardware: it depends how much cash do you have

You can make your own tracks and then you are a producer, but its a very complicated and time consuming process. Its better than you will have the synth like NORD lead etc.


For every hardware you are djing, you will have to purchase the music from digital shops like beatport, juno download etc. There are lots of it on the Internet.


Choosing DJ software is really a budget vs capabilities choosing and the way of storing the music for DJing


Controllers like Pioneer DDJ series, Traktor and Serato need a laptop connected always when djing because the computer is the storage and the processing power and must have installed some Djing software on it. It has some pros like that the controllers have better possibilities and are usually cheeper than standalone players and mixer with the same or worst possibilities. But you have to invest the rest of the money for the laptop to be better and stable. And there is a drowback, that all your show depends on a computer, which can not always be as stable as you want it to be and when it crashes, your show usually crashes too.


The DJ players and a mixer are often not so much mobile and compact. They are not so much cheep and the possibilities are often not as big. But they are usually very stable because of processing power and the software stering everything integrated into the physical unit. and you dont have to carry your valuable laptop on every gig. then you eliminate the most unstable element from your setup. The feel and the comfort of using the full dj setup is better,  Thery are much more standarised nowadays and everybody can just came and play on it with CDs,  just one or two usb sticks or sd cards. To better players you can plug your laptop and dj from dj software too. Thats the flexibility you can dj from every source.

Thats why the pioneer CDJ systems are standard and on every bigger gig all over the world.


There is also the 3rd options like old school turntables with needle etc. you can buy vinyls, but not much new music is released on vinyl now. There is a DVS (digital vinyl system) where instead of real vinyl you have the special timecode vinyls which is interprated by the plugged in box, send into the DJ software on your laptop and everything works like with controllers then.


The choice is yours:) As an owner of full DJ setup i like the stability of it and will go the second time for the DJ players and a mixer.


Hope i helped you and waiting for the questions:)


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Hey Robert, great to hear you've made such a good recovery.

To begin addressing your question we'll need to ascertain exactly what it is you want to do. You mention in your post equipment that is used for DJing and equipment that is more commonly used for producing music - there's a quite a difference between the two. It appears DJing is possibly what you are more interested in.

I would encourage you to go to your local music store and play around with the different equipment on offer - they should have different items setup for you to test as well as someone who might be able to guide you better through what each piece of equipment does.

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