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Wall Mounts for SDj-08 speakers


I currently own the SDJ-08 speakers and wish to free up more desk space for more pioneer Dj equipment. The only solution will be to mount my speakers on the wall. 

Obviously these are heavy and expensive units so i want to guarantee i purchase the correct wall mount. 


Could someone please advise me on what wall mounts would be suitable. 


Thanks you



Joe Lethbridge

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@Joe > First of all, you'll need to consider the wall you intend to attach your speakers to - is it an internal or external wall? If its only an internal wall, its likely just plasterboard and won't be able to hold any weight. In that case, your best solution may be to use floor stands. If it is an external wall then thats much better. Find mounts designed to hold the weight of the speaker - then I'd suggest using projecting rawlbolts to hold the mounts.

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Thanks Pulse! This is why I paid 700quid for pioneer speakers.....such great support! ;)


thanks for the advice Gavin. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't a specific wall mount for the SDJ-08. I'm mounting on a brick wall so should be fine.

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