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[SOLVED] New S-DJ05's with hiss in idle mode

As already reported by David Deluxe for the S-DJ08, I experience the same hiss issue with the S-DJ05's I just bought.

Meaning, when there's no audio signal present at the inputs (or even no audio cables attached), the tweeter in the S-DJ05 produces a quite noticeable hiss, independently from the volume setting on the backside. Since the S-DJ0x are near field monitors, the hiss is quite annoying when they are in idle mode (e.g. during production editing without playback). My previous active monitors produced no audible hiss, unless I put my ear against the tweeter closely.

Checking reviews on this hiss issue, I found this one at Skratchworx, dated March 2011:


This part of the review is interesting:

**UPDATE: **This hiss issue is currently being investigated by  Pioneer, but is thought to be specific to the review units we were loaned. The  review will be updated accordingly. Hats off to Pioneer for being proactive  rather than demanding that the review be taken down.

My set must have been produced before end 2011.

Was something done since then in the amplifier design to reduce/eliminate the hiss?

Thanks for your support.


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@DeAl > The 05's are not known to have the same hissing issue as the 08's -- I might suggest that you try different power connections to see if something in your electrical is causing it.

Pulse 0 votes

I also have this issue and now I am wondering whether I should be returning them, or not? The hiss isn't that loud, but definitely very noticeable :-(

ʎɹɹǝq 0 votes

I have had this annoying intermittent hiss on one side since I got them... i've tried everything from using different cables, to plugging it in different outlets, and different audio interfaces with no success. It's really annoying as it's quite noticeable and distracting. And, NO... I'm sorry but it's not normal... I plug cheap speakers on my computer and I don't hear it... so don't tell me it's normal and I should get used to it!

Alejandro Palma 0 votes