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[SOLVED] Setting Up iMAC and Djm 350 ( + 2 cdj 350) with the s-dj08 ?

Hello to all pioneer fans I just have the question ! 

I have the iMAC 27 '' and the Djm 350 ( + 2 cdj 350) and i want to connect them to thes-dj08  which iam getting tomorrow!

how do you get optimal sound performance with all those bad boys with cables! please keep it simple because my knowldge in music is limited and my english also!!  thanks in advance

Γιάννης Καραστατήρας

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@Γιάννης > Welcome to the forums. Will you be connecting the CDJs to the iMac and then routing everything through the mixer to the speakers or do you want to send sound from the iMac and the mixer independently? There are multiple inputs on the back you can use. The easiest for you to use is probably RCA cables from the mixer to the speakers and a 3.5mm to RCA cable into the auxiliary input on the DJM350.

Gavin 0 votes

Thanks GAVIN did that the RCAs!!greetings from GREECE

Γιάννης Καραστατήρας 0 votes