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[SOLVED] SDJ-05W with MacBook Pro

Hi guys,


This might be a stupid question but here goes lol.

I have 2x CDJ 2000, DJM900 and SDJ 05s. I just wondered how i could play audio from my macbook pro through the speakers or even the whole setup?.

I buy a lot of music from Beatport and preview the tracks before i download them. Normally i do this with my HDJ1500s but would prefer to do it through the speakers but havent figured out how yet lol.


Sorry for what is probably a really easy question but needed to ask :o)


thanks for the help,




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I just run a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable from the headphone out into a spare channel on the mixer from my Mac Mini... Thats probably the easiest way.

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Cheers Gavin,

Yeah that works fine, just need to have the gain turned up a lot.

At the minute I am trying to get into production at the minute so how else could i connect my Macbook straight into the SDJs?

Would i need something external to plug into the MacBook and then into the SDJs?

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