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[SOLVED] S-DJ05 Crackle after returning from vacation

Quite a frustrating issue I'm troubleshooting.  I left my computer and monitors on while I was gone for a week (I use it for a security system lol) and when I came back one speaker has a randomly occurring crackle that sounds like a sampling rate conflict crackle.

I've tried the following:

Replace DAC

Swap cables left/right

Swap speaker controller master/slave

Power cycle for ten min

restart computer

And more and more... but even with nothing plugged in except power it will randomly crackle for about 5 seconds long then stop. 

What is going on?

Christian Jackson

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Solved! It was my cell phone causing interference. Absolutely crazy! Had no idea. Before I left on vacation, AT&T just had 4G service for my Galaxy S3. I returned to find this crackle and after about 2 hours of troubleshooting and head-scratching, I noticed that my cell phone had LTE service... coincidence? NOPE! Turns out the LTE service causes about 5 seconds of interference with the speakers before I get a text/notification. Kinda sucks now I have to keep my phone away from my workstation. It'll cause the problem within about 3 feet of the speakers. hope this helps anybody who has this same problem :)

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@Christian > Great to hear you resolved this - I was scratching my head a little reading your opening query. Glad its sorted!

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