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S-DJ50X-W to DDJ WeGo2

I just bought a DDJ WeGo2 controller with rca out going to S-DJ50X-W Active Reference Monitor, my problem is i already try to connect the rca to xlr or to balanced trs i can hear the sound but no bass, but if i connect the rca from the controller and going to unbalance rca it works just fine, what kind of cable i need to use for my xlr or balanced trs? 

Jasper San Felix

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@Jasper > RCAs are fine - you just don't want to use them for anything longer than 3-5m as they are unshielded and outside interference will be introduced more readily the longer the cable.

As for the lack of bass, it sounds to me like it could be cancellation on the signal, probably due to a crosswiring in the adapter. Just run the RCAs direct and you'll be fine.


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