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[SOLVED] HDJ-1500-W colour changing

Last januari I was the lucky one to receive one of the very first HDJ-1500-W's. Sadly, after only a couple of weeks the colour started to change. The headband consists of three parts. The middle part is the worst one, it never had the same white colour as the rest and at the edges it's turning yellow. It gets dirty quite fast as well. Since a couple of days the same goes for the other two parts of the heaband. The problem is also there on the earshelves.

I haven't contacted my retailer just yet as I really can't miss my headphones for a long period of time because I use them daily. They are not around the corner for me so I can't just go and turn them back in.

Are there more here with this problem, and is there a solution? I love the sound they produce, they're a lot better than for example the more expensive Mixr from Beats By Dre, but the buildquality is not what I expected in this pricerange from Pioneer.


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You can clean it, we suggest a soft cloth dampened with only water. If it is seriously discolouring, please contact Pioneer technical support for your region, links are located at the right side of this page.

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