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[CLOSED] Headband plastic panel failing

I purchased a set of HDJ-2000’s over a year ago and was highly pleased with them. Sound quality was great and really were the best at keeping external noise out. Build quality was at first quite impressive and I felt I would get a long time from these headphones. 

Recently however the two side panels on the inside of the headband have started to pop out of place at one end. While they are still screwed to the headband the small rims of plastic on each panel has worn away or broken off. This is causing the panels to pop out at one end every time they are used. Once the panels dislodge the adjustable bands do not click when moved in and out. I decided to remove these panels to see if a small fix could be done as I am beyond the warranty. Upon removal I found 2 small strips of plastic in each cavity which match up with the fracture marks on the side panels. There is also cracking midway on each side on the slot where the panels sit. These headphones have not being abused by any means and used in the same manner as any other headphones I own or use. I feel with further use this problem will get worse and maybe others will arise.

I was highly surprised that these small panels had failed their purpose in such a short space of time. I have a set of Sony headphones MDR-ZX100 which I bought for $20 dollars while on holidays and have never had a single problem with them mechanically! Now if the HDJ-2000’s were not that expensive I wouldn’t be upset if they broke but the fact that I spent €300 euro on these headphones and a simple plastic piece has failed within a year or so has me very disappointed in the headphones. I would of expected a very durable headband since that is the main part and function of the product. 

TLDR: Piece of plastic broken in headband, surprised as headphones cost €300! 


Karl Breen

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Contact Pioneer technical support and see what they have to say, even if you're out of warranty.

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