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Broken Headband afer 1 week, HDJ C70

So as usual, more problems with Pioneer gear.

Ok sure, the headphones sound pretty good, and are pretty cool looking.

However, they don't look so cool when they are snapped in half and you're having to hold up a dangeling end to your ear, whilst standing on a stage in a club.

I literally lifted the headphones off my head, and the really cheap feeling, very flimsy and brittle plastic of the headband snapped. As though it's a child's toy, not a professional & expensive piece of kit.

Anyway, I bought them from a shop in Germany, and the estimated return time is 4 week. So in order to get them fixed, I've got to be headphoneless, which is impossible for me since I need them almost every day for my job.

I'd rather just fix them myself, seeing as all the parts are advertised as being interchangable, including the headband,,,

So, what I need to know is, where the hell can I buy a new one?

Or can you just post me a new one, or a new pair of headphones, maybe an apology letter for wasting my time...and a refund.

At least a new headband anyway, or directions of where to get one?!?!?!?

Josh Murphy

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