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CDJ 1000 Mk3 cheap replacement parts?

Hi, I just bought a second hand pair of CDJ 100 Mk3 in a reasonable condition apart from the outer jog wheels (rubber coating has worn off) and main lcd windows (really scratched).

Every where I look for these parts are rediculously expensive.One site was asking £70 for the outer jog wheel (its only plastic!)

Does anyone know where to get these parts at a reasonable price?

I contacted Pioneer a week or so ago and I have had no reply.

Thanks :)


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Pioneer: Connect Distribution don't seem to know anything about your products and tell me they have no spare parts for the CDJ MK3 (after I waited 20 minutes for them to answer the phone)

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@LoGiCa > When you say you contacted Pioneer, did you use the technical support links at the side of the page or was it some a national distribution agency? Try contacting the links given here and let us know.

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Hi yes I used the support link and the person I spoke to at Connect Distribution firstly did not know what a CDJ was and kept calling it a VCJ and he then told me there were no spares available (for the parts I need)




DNK4068 (Outer Jog) is used in the CDJ 2000 so how is this not available anymore?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your email, your enquiry has been registered in our system under reference number:

Pioneer ticket ref nr: 3926


Thank you for your email enquiry.

Please contact our customer parts department who are called Connect Distribution on 0844 557 2510. They will be able to advise on availability and cost for the replacements

Please note that it is not possible to reply to this message. Should you wish to reply, then please contact us at:



ensuring that you fill in the reference number, which will allow us to respond more effeciently.

Kind regards

Pioneer GB Ltd

Customer Relations Department

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