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Calling saved cue points (SD Card)


I've recently bought 2 CDJ 1000 MK3s. Absolutely love them. I'm currently saving hot and cue points on an SD card - which works. However I can't figure out how to call a new cue point.

  1. I save a (hot) cue point on "A".

  2. I hit memory

  3. The display says "CARD MEMORY" and there's a red line underneath the number of the track.

  4. I go to a different track record a (hot) cue point, again on "A"

  5. I hit memory.

  6. Again the display says "CARD MEMORY" and there's a red line underneath the number of the track.

  7. When I hit "call" to get to another cue point the CJD changes the track - BUT when I hit the hot cue button it goes to the last track I saved the hot cue on.

In other words, the screen tells me that there's multiple cue points, but when I activate the hot cue point it uses the last cue point I saved.

Hope somebody can help me!




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@Michiel > From the user manual:

To recall a memorized hot cue point

Hot cue points A, B, and C are recorded automatically on the memory

card. If hot cue points are recorded at the time a disc is inserted, the

HOT CUE buttons A, B, C will flash green or orange. To call up one of the

recorded hot cue points, press the corresponding button A, B, or C. The

flashing green or orange indicator will light steadily (sound will not begin

instantly when the call is made). If you have no need of calling one of the

hot cue points, press the HOT CUE REC MODE button. The indicators

will change to red, and the hot cue setting mode will be enabled. (To

subsequently call up one of the hot cue points previously recorded on

the memory card, remove the disc or memory card and reinsert it so that

the A, B, and C buttons flash once again. Then press the desired flashing


As hot cues are global for the CD, if you want to load a memory point to a hot cue, you need to press the CALL button, then record that cue to a hot-cue as needed.

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