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[SOLVED] Using 120V CDJ-800MK2 in Europe -- Is a voltage stepdown converter sufficient?



I have a pair of US-model CDJ-800MK2's.  They are documented to require 120V / 60Hz.  I'm moving to Germany, where the electricity is 220V / 50Hz.  I've read conflicting reports on here about whether the 800's will work with a voltage step-down converter (which will take the 220V and convert it down to 120) or not.  The concern is that, while the voltage will be correct, the frequency will still be 50Hz rather than the expected 60Hz.  

Has anyone actually done this themselves?  There are several posts where people assume that it will work, but none I see where anyone has successfully DONE IT.  To top that off, the answer to my inquiry with Pioneer support was that it was not recommended.

So, can anyone confirm that they have used 120V US-model CDJ-800MK2's in Europe or another 220V/50HZ location with only a voltage step-down?



Grant Oltmann

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A voltage stepdown transformer will work just fine with the gear.

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