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[SOLVED] Encountered playback bug on CDJ-200 F/W v1.30 -- How to upgrade to latest firmware (v1.40)?

Hi there,


I've encountered an annoying firmware playback bug on my older CDJ-200s.  No typo here, I really mean the older 200 units :)


The problem is:  Only when using MP3s, about 80-90% of the time, every time playback is started (Play/Pause button) -- or everytime a loop repeats using the looping functionality -- after just a few seconds of playback of any track, the tempo automatically accelerates by about 2 bpm for a few seconds (as if someone had nudged the pitch bend in the "+" direction), then after a couple seconds, returns to its expected value (as if someone had nudged the pitch bend in the "-" direction).


The whole time, the tempo slider is at 0% and never moved.

The whole time, the tempo range is set to +/- 6%.

The whole time, Master Tempo is turned ON.

The whole time, a track encoded as an 320kbps MP3 by LAME is playing on a Sony CD-R disc that I burned myself.


My ears noticed this as I recently started using my older CDJ-200s again a bit -- but this time with MP3s burned on a CD-R instead of WAV burned as an audio CD-R... and the beatmatching was often being screwed, and I couldn't understand why, until I pinpointed it to this.


If I use the exact same track, but dumped as WAV, with a Sony CD-R burned in the exact same burner but as an audio CD, this problem never shows up.  Tempo is perfectly stable with a Sony CD-R playing the WAV track (as an audio CD).


FYI:  Using the exact same CD-Rs in my CDJ-1000mk3s (F/W MAIN v2.20) shows no problem at all, whether in MP3 or WAV (audio CD) format.  Looks like this is an issue specific to the CDJ-200 when using MP3s only.


==> I did a quick search in the forums and it appears that the latest firmware version for the CDJ-200 would be v1.40.  Is that right?

I'm currently running version v1.30, and I'm hoping that it would have been fixed in v1.40.

==> Could you provide detailed instructions on how to upgrade firmware safely? (e.g. download image, verify authenticity of downloaded file, how to burn CD-R, keys to press on CDJ to upgrade, etc).


Thanks a lot in advance!



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I did a bit more digging, and came across this older thread:



Which indicates to download the following (which I did):


This expands to a self-extracting EXE archive which yields a CDJ_200.HEX file.


But then, what should I do with this file?  I was rather expecting an ISO CD image containing the latest v1.40 firmware for CDJ-200.

The CDJ_200.HEX file doesn't look like an ISO file at all.


==> Anybody can help from this point?


Thanks again :)


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Well, I managed to answer my own question :)


I ran into the following video, which detailed the steps, but in portugese.  Little challenge :)


Thanks to Google Translate, and using the video's description, I could figure out that the CDJ_200.HEX file must be kept as-is (e.g. not renamed), and burned directly as a DATA file to a normal ISO-9660 CD-R.  Alternatively one could create a standard ISO-9660 ISO file and then burn it to a CD-R as an image file.


I double-checked that the CD-R I had burned contained ONLY an identical copy of CDJ_200.HEX to the original file I had downloaded, and then I proceeded to followed the procedures as outlined in the PDF file to check the F/W version beforehand (v1.30), perform the upgrade using my CD-R, then check the F/W version again afterwards (v1.40). 


It worked.


I did a 75-minute set with the exact same MP3 CDs that I had mentioned in my original post, and even by trying hard, I couldn't reproduce the problem I used to see in F/W v1.30, either with the Play/Pause button or when loops were being reentered. 

Victory :)


I captured all the steps and grabbed some videos while doing the upgrade, as since this is an older, legacy product, there doesn't seem to be a complete step-by-step guide in english.  So I will try to make one this weekend, and post it here once I'm done.


Long live Pioneer.  Even legacy products :-)


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No problem DJ KIKI.


According to the small changelog that was posted on the pioneer-latin website in the URL above, here are the changes brought by F/W 1.4:

"1-Countermeasure for hang up when reading CD-TEXT disc

2-Corrects sound skipping when playing an MP3 file"

Countermeasure for hang up when reading CD-TEXT disc; corrects sound skipping when playing an MP3 file - See more at: http://www.pioneer-latin.com/en/support/firmware-updates/#sthash.UzLUpSKb.dpuf

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No problem Gavin.  The legacy CDJ-200s will do it for me for a little longer now... until I get my hands on the CDJ-2000s for christmas! Finally ahah! :)  I think it's time to move on now, apparently the CDJ-2000 firmware has stabilized a lot.  But that'll be for a different thread :)


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