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[SOLVED] CDJ-1000 MK2 Jog wheel not seated properly

The jog wheel on my CDJ 1000 MK2 is sitting lower than it should. It still functions and works fine although the feel and responsiveness is not that of a jog wheel at 100% iI'm able to lift the jog wheel a bit to the height where it should be. My other CDJ, which is completely set in place, does not move up or down and rotates without any wobbling. When rotating the wheel on the flawed CDJ there is also a wobble as a result of some component not being totally centered. It was suggested to me by the seller that this could be the result of a bearing missing from the platter on which the wheel rests. Is there a cheap fix for this?

Diamond Lester

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@Diamond > I can't imagine its too much of an expensive fix however your best bet, for an accurate answer, is to contact an authorised service centre in your area - use the technical support links in the column on the right to find help closest to you >>

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