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[CLOSED] CDJ-1000 Firmware/All LEDs out

Greetings! I'm hoping that there is a firmware reload option as I have a CDJ-1000 (No Mark designation, May 2002 manufacture date) which has all LEDs out but the FDP is normal. VLED+5, GLED and +12 VDC are all good. IC1101 appears to be operating except that pins 2 thru 9 are all low, and these are the LED command lines. Other outputs from IC1101, such as for the FDP, are good.

I suspect that a firmware issue is inhibiting the LEDs and that a reload would fix the problem. Unfortunately there seems to be no means to accomplish this. Is anyone aware of a firmware reload for the CDJ-1000?

Thanks for any information,

Jeff, AC4AQ


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