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[SOLVED] MEP-7000 LOOP Memory

Having had a CMX-5000 in the past, I could create loop, return to "cue" to then use the play button to start the loop.  Using Virtual DJ and a MEP-7000, I haven't had any luck doing the same.  Pressing "cue" after creating a loop brings it to the beginning of the track and erases the loop.  Am I missing something?


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Well, when you create a loop, technically the in-point is the main cue point. With the CMX-5000 you were able to REWIND out of the loop and press play/pause, not CUE. So what you were missing was the exact steps to re-create it, but I'll give you a tip -- you can save a loop to a hot-cue on the MEP, so you can have a main cue and then recall a hot-loop!

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