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How OCD are you with your RekordBox Library?

Sample of one of mine's attached, note there's only a couple filled in to this extent (but I'll get through them all as I trawl Beatport).

Please note that I am extremely OCD


Couple of points worth noting:

  • I have a phobia of incomplete releases in my library, I always buy the full release, hence some tracks never get played

  • Composer field always gets filled in with the real name of the Artist, even if they weren't the original composer (just keeps things tidy that way)

  • I never actually key mix, I think the Camelot notation is lazy, and DJs ultimately should learn how to mix harmonically using their ears, not their eyes.

  • I haven't figured out a use for the colour field yet


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Mine are a semi organised mess.

After a year of the decks you could say i have a few playlists as i generally play for 3 hours every week.

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A mess!!! I keep using bridge function since I keep my collection perfectly organized in iTunes!!

Manoskap 0 votes
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