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Color multiple tracks at once

Hey there.

First the question:

Isn't there a easy way to color multiple files, like coloring an entire selection blue or an entire playlist pink?


Then the reason (and a update suggestion):

I've begun to color my collection. So far I've done app. 100 of 2500 tracks, and I'm already extremely annoyed with the procedure. 

For each track I have to:

  1. Click to select the track
  2. Wait, so i don't double-click
  3. Click again, to get the drop-down button to show
  4. Wait for the drop-down button to show
  5. Click the drop-down, and select color

It's quit obvious that step 1-4 are unnecessary, if the drop-down button always shows (The space for it is empty anyway)

It takes roughly 3,5 seconds pr. song. That means 2h 25min for my library

Step 5 takes roughly 0,5 seconds. That means 20 min in total.


So I'm going to waste more than two hours of clicking and waiting and clicking and waiting, and that's just ridiculously frustrating. 

I therefore really hope that there is a better way, that I haven't discovered yet.

Furthermore I will suggest that you in future versions of Rekordbox either let the button show all the time, or when one mouse-over the color field (within 0,1 sec, no animation :) ).

Thanks for any helping answers 



Tobias Bertelsen

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highlight all the tracks

press the info payne

select colour

hey presto

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