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Playlist play order and ID3 tag update

2 questions:

  • In playlist mode, if i order/sort by a category, how to I get the playlist to play the tracks in the order listed rather than skip to the next numbered track (which no-one i presume uses)


  • If i update my ID3 tags, do I really have to erase the track off the usb then re-export the whole track onto the USB device? This seems tedious especially as I just updated pretty much all my tracks to find the new ID3 tags not showing up on the player.


Not a question but a side-point/request:

Navigating on the CDJ: Info gives you the info on the current playing track, browse lets you go throw various menus. But when you do that, you lose the ability yo see the list that your current track is in - i.e what the track would be if you skipped forwards or back! this is crap. I would recommend holding "browse" takes you back to the current playing list.


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