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Using Reckord Box


Ok guys I have read the forums watched the youtube videos and googled my butt off but still have not found a solid answer for what I am trying to do.   I have CDj 2000's, and I am wanting to use a portable hard drive when I am out playing but want to have it on my computer just in case.  I have already loaded some of my tracks.  So here is my first problem.  On my hard drive I have all my music in sections such as house, trance etc separated.  When I load it on to reckord box it just puts all the tracks together.  Other than just putting these is separate playlist is there any other way to keep them organized?  My second problem is after I analyzed some of my songs I plugged my usb into my cdh 2000 and it says it has not been analyzed by reckord box and it’s a free down load. My third problem is I set some hot que points on rekord box from my computer but when I plugged my usb in to my cdj 2000 no hot cues to be found.  When I plug the usb back in my Mac and pull up reckord box I see them saved and ready to go.  What did I do wrong?  What is the "memory" on the top right used for?  Also any advice on organization tips and tricks would be great.  The Youtube video I watched was this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vSB6izc6jc but the setting and stuff he talks about half way through is different now that the update came out. 


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Question 1.

Yes, the genre field, the colour field, or playlists, that's what they're there for.

Question 2 and 3.

Sounds to me like you're exporting via Finder/Windows Explorer and not RekordBox

What you need to do is open RekordBox, right click on your playlists click Export Playlist - And select your USB device from the pop up menu, this will export your tracks, coverart, beatgrid info, cue points etc to the USB device so you can plug them into your CDJ2000.

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