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Tick to export and IMPORT Rekordbox playlist informations

Folow theses steps:

1- On the file Menu, Export plylists Informations (give a name like  " Rekordbox April ")

2- On the file menu go to preferences - bridge

3 -Select the itunes Library to the location of your exported XML Rekorbox file.   4- Check the case " Convert itunes grouping to Rekordbox Label. Check the Case " Export BeatGrid information " and select the same location as your exported     itunes library. Close Preferences.

5- In Rekodbox, open the bridge window. Your exported playlist should be there.

I often use this system to exchanges informations from my Desktop to my laptop, and it works with different operating systems. (as long as your music files are in the same location, and if not,  just use the Relocate function ) .

Hope this will help.

Nice day everybody.


Franck Ghiotti

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I just bought a new laptop and want to move all my music collection from rekordbox on my pc to rekordbox on my laptop do u know if theres a way to do this?

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