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Rekordbox 2.0.1 Issue.

Hi guys,


I've recently updated to the latest software / firmware for my CDJ 900 & DJM 700 combo. I use Rekordbox to play my tracks via my laptop which is connected through a network / routing switch.

Prior to updating it was all working no problem, however since the update i can link to my players, i can see all my music on the players but i can't play anything as i keep getting the E8302(?) error.

I have checked my firewall settings etc and tried turning all that stuff of still to no avail.

I primarily us iTunes to organise all my music then i transfer it all via drag and drop into rekorbox. However i don't see this as a problem if it worked before?

The only other thing i can think of is that i when i updated to the new Rekordbox i analysed all my music for the "Key"

Any help or guidance would be awsome as im at a loss just now!


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@Zafire > Welcome to the forums.

Have you your setup on a dedicated network? Do you have WiFi activated at the same time? Please try disabling any WiFi as well as ensuring you allow all Pioneer traffic through any anti-virus or firewalls you may have enabled.

What type of switch do you use?

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Hi Gavin thanks for the reply.

Yes the 2 CDJ's and laptop are connected on their own dedicated network via the Ethernet switch. So one from the laptop to the switch and one from each CDJ to the switch.

All the Ethernet cables are cat6e cables.

Wifi on the actual laptop is enabled if that's what you mean?

My anti virus software has been set up to allow all pioneer rekordbox comms and comms on the dedicated network via the switch.

As for the switch, it is a Netgear FS605 V3 5 port 100MBps switch. It is used solely for Djing and has no other equipment attached.

I managed to get playing some songs today but the CDJs kept freezing/crashing on me every 15 mins or so.

All my music is purchased legit either from iTunes or Beatport. I also tried re downloading my whole library of tracks again and re analysing everything but the problems still persist.

All firmware on the CDJ's is also up to date.

Hope I've given enough info :P

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