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RB (latest) drop from mac dont work

I have two 2knxs and 1 900nxs (latest firmware+software)

mac os 10.7.4.

two days ago i was able to drop music from my pc to my 2knxs. after analysing all my music, it wont take. I get error 8302 (c630).

it will not drop with direct (2knxs to mac (firewall/wifi off).  trashed and delete the library pioneer folder, zapped the application (i only have 2.0.1 installed, not the previous ones).

reinstalled it with new file and new license. same deal.

the music is not corrupted, it works if i transfer it into a flash/sd card and does work when placed on the 2knxs but not when dropped from my mac.

(i also cant use serato cause 2knxs are not mapped).

I am stuck with exporting it to sd/flash drive

Painless Wolf

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I tried a combination of cat5+ cables, cdjs, mutilple installs and de-install.

Now I have come to the conclusion that the problem resides in rekordbox 2.0+.  D:

I am sure u are all aware of this and fixing it in a coming up update...WHILE you are at it, make sure the 2knxs are mapped in serato. :D


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