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Exporting Tracks with Rekordbox 2.0.1

Hello out there,

Tomorrow is my next Gig and I formated my USB Stick.

Afterwards I started the first time exporting Tracks from the newest Rekordbox 2.0.1 to my usb Stick.

After a few seconds Rekordbox crashes. I repeated the step several times and Rekordbox crashes again and again.

Then I realized that after the first crash the whole Music collection lost it's Cue-Point and Analyze Information.

Fortunately I've got a Backup from about 3 weeks ago which restored the most of my saved data.

Now I migrated to Rekordbox 1.5.1 and everything is working again.

Lost the whole day while fixing this Problem. And I'm really upset because of this situation :/


So what's wrong with Rekordbox 2.0.1?


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