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rekordbox v2.0.2 Beat Grid Analysis

Pioneer have identified that the accuracy of beat grid information with tracks analysed with rekordbox v1.6.0 through to v2.0.1 has not been as accurate as releases before v1.6.0. This is why tracks analysed with v1.6.0 or later may have had issues when using performance features on the CDJ's such as looping, quantize and sync.

Available now, v2.0.2 fixes this issue and Pioneer recommend that tracks analysed with rekordbox v1.6.0 through to v2.0.1 are reanalysed with v2.0.2.

● How to determine which tracks require reanalysing;

rekordbox does not indicate which version a track has been analysed by. Using the "Date Added" column in rekordbox you can identify when a track was imported. Please note that the "Date Added" column when using the "Bridge" feature to import tracks will reflect the iTunes import date and not the direct rekordbox import date. Pioneer recommend that the reanalysing of tracks is judged between the dates 21st August 2012 through to 11th December 2012.

● How to reanalyse tracks;

Select tracks that have been identified that need to be reanalysed, right click and select "Analyse Track".

● Note:

If “Analyze Missing Data” is performed on the tracks which were analyzed with rekordbox older than version 1.6.0, the tracks do not need to be reanalyzed because the beat grid information has not been reanalyzed in the “Analyze Missing Data” process.

Tracks analyzed with rekordbox (iOS/Android) older than version 1.1.3 would have the same issue. Pioneer recommend that they are reanalyzed with latest version of rekordbox (iOS/Android).


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