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Organizing Tracks in RB

I don't use Record box when playing out at all. I use a USB stick. I do however want to know if I should be using Recordbox (in lou of iTunes) or something else perhaps. To organize my core base list of tracks. I am a bit confused on how to utilize it.


What I have done is every time I purchase a new track I throw it into the Collection list. Then from there I have the computers storage **Playlist **and all the tracks on that playlist are organized by Genre. The USB stick is an exact copy of the computers playlist.

I figured that this way I can know what is on my USB stick when it is not plugged into the computer. I keep them synced but I am doing it by manually dragging and dropping the new tracks I get from the main collection into the computers play list and then again to the USB stick playlist. Is there an easier way to do this?

I'd like to know of anyone that uses Recordbox to organize their tracks primarily (or with iTunes) and how do you do it? What is the process you go through step by step adding album art, adding the titles correctly. Are you a stickler for having the right key listed for each track? Then how do you organize it and bring it over to your CDJ?  Been checking around Youtube to find a way to properly organize tracks and know the process that any big name DJ would use as well. 



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