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Filename & Artist Title (typing on cdj 2000)


Im mac user and I want to complain about the search by typing on cdj 2000!

  Usually I like to do quick changes using search from my finder. Now I started to play with usb device on cdj 2000 and is so difficult to work by typing on search cause usually i type key words and sometimes half words for faster (like search on finder). In case there is an upgrade to solve this;;

  It is possible to search on cdj 2000 the filename instead of the artist and title; 


  Any help??

Dee Jay Jordi

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yeah, unfortunately you cant just type key words or words that are not in a row, I do the same, for instance if I was loading "Dont stop the party- pitbull" I would type party pit and the song appears, you cannot do this on the 2000's, I have complained about this over 3 years ago, no change

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I think it's easy to fix this the pioneer for the next updates..We hop and wait

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