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Rekordbox 2.0.3 won't remember analysed tracks, or export waveform and beat grids

Hi everyone,

 I'm a long time Traktor user, decided to go back to 'proper' mixing on CDJ's so got myself a couple of CDJ 2000 Nexus'. I've been making a gradual transition to RB, transferring a couple of playlists over and things seemed to work fine.

I recently updated to RB 2.0.3, now RB does not remember any analysed tracks, so I have to re-analyse everything on every start up, but curiously remembers all cue points, loops and memory points.  Also after re-analysing everything when I export the tracks to a USB stick the waveform and beat grid info does not transfer but the cue points, loops and memory points do. Then when I go back to my collection straight after exporting, all the waveforms in my collection disappear! I'm guessing I've missed something..... what am I doing wrong?

I'm running RB on my Macbook Pro i5 2.4 2010 model. All firmware on my CDJ's are up to date, the MP3 files are exactly the same files I used before the update. The USB stick is the same stick I used before, I've also checked to see if the USB stick is working correctly by transferring documents and other files to it, all music has been purchased from Beatport or Traxsource.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



Andy Pearce

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I have the same Problem, but no one from PIONEER comments this......

I am really angry.........

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I'm an Aero owner and wanted to test mixing disco with each beat grid manually aligned. So I went to my disco playlist and started on my first track. After aligning every beat I navigated away, came back and found my work gone. After fuming for a few minutes I realised I was adjusting the beat grid from a playlist. I seached for the same track in my collection, did the same alignment and wallah, saved. 

Not sure if this will help you but I learnt not to edit tracks while viewing them in playlists.

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