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Full adjusting of RB through CDJ

Is this in the works?

I think the title explains itself but just to make sure. 

When connected with DJ Pro Link and using Rekordbox as the Hardrive, options like using the the tools in Rekordbox to adjust, set first downbeat can't be used and setting loops and a few other things can't also be done until the Ethernet cord is unplugged from the computer. 

At times I would like to correct  the first downbeat or just make adjustments.  At the moment I have to unplug, adjust, re-plug, load play list etc... Also, I have thought about downloading a song while it's all hooked up etc... 

Curious why we can't adjust on the fly when connected, can this be done, is it in the works? We shouldn't be so limited!!!!!!

Justin time for some Hardstyle!

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Oh yes this is something i too would LOVE but we've asked for this for years with no real response from Pioneer on feasibility.

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Maybe we should ask again for a reply on this topic... lol



Even if we can't make these changes straight from the CDJ (That would be nice), AT least let us use RB tools and features while connected to our equipment. And again, allowing us to move the beat grid in RB with the CDJ Jog wheel is a must. 

I get that doing all our tracks on RB might seem like the easy and best way but making corrections or even doing it all with our equipment should be allowed and who cares which way I do it? It's my equipment, my time and so on...

RB should work with the CDJ 100%, on the fly with NO LIMITATIONS!

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