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Best practices, Management of playlists and transfer to USB SD's.

Ive been using RB for some time now

and have only just recently started have some problems with errors and file management. Tracks not transferring, doubles, mixed up playlists etc etc.

Im using USB and SD card and I gather my problems stems from mismanagement of playlists, so for this reason Im asking for advice on best method for a managing devices and collection. I see there is already much content here about this but Im yet to find a definitive thread with the steps from start to finish.

I build my playlists in itunes then use bridge to import playlists into RB, from there I export to device. Primarily Im using sandisk 32GB SD card and various sanddisk USB drives, nothing above 16GB.

At this moment my SD card is messy full of the above mentioned errors, I want to clear the device and re import everything. So,


  1. to completely clean the SD card, what is the correct method, reformatting and the like.

  2. Ive just updated my playlist in itunes, when reimporting to RB should I just Import and replace old playlist, or first delete said playlist then import. If I delete the playlist will the tracks from that playlist remain in collection?

  3. Im guessing the problems with doubles is appearing if i search all tracks, being that anyone track might be in up to 4 playlists???

julian Lunt

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