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Track tags and columns

For the past 3 years I've used rekordbox to analyze my tracks, add artwork to them, label the album column per track and export to a external hard drive to play on my cdj 2000's. I have now sold them and take delivery of a ddj-sx tomorrow. I have the problem of years worth of music organised for cdj's.

Luckily I've always used mp3 tag to copy everything out of my contents folder into a separate one, because sometimes I use virtual Dj and can play from that 'undone' folder browsing by album. But it isn't until recently I've noticed some strange things happening with the 'tags' I've used rekordbox to create. For instance, I'd download a track, drag to rekordbox library, analyze, add artist, album (how i organize my music), genre and add art. I'd then export to my hard drive. It's now in the contents folder.

However, when I use mp3 tag or open the file in windows, the tags are either completely missing, or in a completely wrong column. My whole hard drive is organised by album in rekordbox, its how i like to find my music. Rekordbox shows on the whole drive there is about 6 tracks that don't have an album name. I scan the contents folder with mp3 tag, and it shows loads of tracks with only a title, no artist, album or genre. Some of the album names are under incorrect Coumns and not 'album', yet in rekordbox it's fine. Why?

I want to be able to access this folder in serato or virtual Dj and find my music via album, like I have for years. Rekordbox has messed it all up. Another way I can do it is by playlist. All my reg used tunes are in playlists so I can just drag these from rekordbox into a folder. But why is my complete collection messed up in the contents folder when read by software other than rekordbox?


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And why is it I type a thread on here and add paragraphs etc but when I press save it bundles it all up? (On mobile device). :-(

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