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Glitchy Tracks when imported into Rekordbox

I've just experienced a new problem and was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?

I bought a couple of tunes from Beatport, downloaded them and imported them into rekordbox. On playing them out I found they were glitchy in places and even jumped/silent paused. They only paused for say 1/2 a second but as you all know that when in the mix its not good especially with drum and bass!!

Tonight I deleted them and played the mp3s through itunes and they were fine. So 2nd attempt to import to rekordbox direct from the mp3 file and again glitchy.

3rd attempt and I used the bridge method and imported from itunes and now it works fine...WEIRD!


I'm using version 2.0.3

Matt Cooper

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things I would check that I always do to be safe

  1. delete any album artwork as a test, i keep hearing beatport issues and it's most of the time related to artwork

  2. Check the file and make sure it is a CBR, not VBR. You can look at this in itunes or in the properties of the track. For instance mp3 cbr is usually 192, 256, 320 for the most part, if you see something weird like 252 for example, it's usually a VBR. CDJ's cannot properly play VBR files without freezings or being very slow at times, they are not officially supported

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Think I've sorted it now. Seems to be a bad batch of tunes from beatport. They were all at 320 but some of the album artwork was glitched at closer inspection. Anyway, they seem to be working now and re-downloaded them. Next time I won't assume they work before playing out, but to test them first.

Cheers for the help BriChi :)

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