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Organizing & Sync problem to Device


I've just converted all my WAV files to MP3, imported all in the collection of RB (2.0.3) and then "copied" them on my USB device (250 GB FAT32 hard disc).

I've found out that on the USB device all tracks are sorted in the "Contents" folder by the sub-folders "Artist", "Album Name".

I collect tracks from the 70's - 90's, buy a lot of CDs and look out for the best masters available. So the "Album Name" (= "release title" on discogs.com) of the track in my collection changes when I get a better master on another releases

E.g. I did this for 100 tracks and after a month or so I convert all new WAV's to MP3 again and insert them into the collection of RB.

Is it then possible to find out the duplicates and delete them (e.g. from the older "date added") from the collection?

And then is it possible to sync the RB collection against the USB device too?

Thanks for the help.


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