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Highlited track - Live Playing Song in Rekordbox

First of all... I know I can see the difference so it's my own fault, but maybe more people have the same issue.

When I'm searching for new tracks in rekordbox, I play a song by double clicking the track. The complete BAR / Rekord will get a white background and I see a PLAY TRIANGLE... 100% clear... no problem..

BUT when I skip to the next track, next track, next track... and I think.. okay this is a nice track, lets get it into a playlist.

At that moment (happened to me more than once), my mind wants to select the song which has the WHITE BACKGROUND, but..... this is not the song which is playing.

The song which is playing can only be seen by a small PLAY TRAINGLE.


Is it only me who has to be more carefull which songs to dragg to the playlists? 

In case more people encounter this, it would be nice if this could be changed :-)


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