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Will the RB app be ready for iOS7?

So I have the developer account and use iOS7 on my iPhone and RB right now is not working properly at all, you cannot import songs from the "Music" area of RB from your iTunes music on the phone, I have 4 songs as a test downloaded from iCloud onto the phone, then I go into the RB app/music and click on those songs and they just turn grey and never import. If I hit cancel it says nothing was imported, if I try to go back into music it's all white, you cannot do anything and you must reboot your phone, simply quitting the app does not help

Being it took 6 months for a new version of the app to come out yesterday I am hoping that when iOS7 drops in september'ish it does not take another 6 months to get the app ready 


also, I tried connecting it to the cdj and it was very flaky, kept getting the loading message and it would disconnect


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