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Cue points disappear after Update Collection - Please help!

Hey there -

I just lost a few hours worth of adjusting beat grids and setting cue points & loops for tracks contained in a Rekordbox 2.0.7 playlist.

The playlist was originally created in iTunes OSX, then replicated in Recordbox via the Bridge.  I had already exported a third copy of the playlist to my thumb drive.  After doing all the modifications to my Rekordbox playlist, I right-clicked my thumb drive and selected, "Update Collection."

I had the beachball for a good 60 seconds, so I figured it was working. Once I had my curser back, though, I realized that not only had my cuepoints not been updated to the thumb drive, but that now my Recordbox playlist was missing them too!  And with that, much excitement escaped from my sails.

Does anyone have an idea of what went wrong? All I want is my tight looping back, sans laptop.  I'm happy to take the time to get molecular in Rekordbox, but I want to be sure this doesn't happen again.  Thanks in advance.

mike swells

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"Update Collection" is to transfer cues you create during a performance and want to plug in and back them up to your library, So the usb drive takes priority and overwrites you local library with the usb data, in other words, you just screwed yourself. 

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