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using RB analyzed files on an external HDD

hi guys,

 my details:

  • RB 2.0.7 on one laptop

  • one external HDD (2TB FAT32) with all tracks on it (RAW mp3)

  • RB file analysis folder in the root of the extHDD

  • 2CDJ 2000 and 1 djm 900 nxs

 --> file analysis with the laptop, playing at gigs with the extHDD and pio gear only (no laptop!)

whenever I make changes to my collection (e.g. add new tracks to the extHDD), import the files in RB for analyzation, I also have to export the newly created files to the extHDD to make them visible as RB analyzed files on the CDJs. importing with the need to export the files as well every time I make changes to the collection is quite complicated and seem to be redundant to me - track source (RAW) and track target (incl. RB analyzation) are both the extHDD. 

I read quite some threads, also the database migration thread etc., but none of the topics seems to answer my question.

summary: using an extHDD as track source (mp3) and target for RB (incl. the analysis folder) - is there a way to to get around having to export the collection to HDD every time I make changes to the tracks (mp3) on the HDD to make these new files visible (RB analyzed files) on the CDJs when extHDD ? or is exporting necessary in my setup/process?

your help is highly appreciated,


Cris Mac

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